Civil Filing Fees
Effective February 1, 2016
Civil action, complaint, counterclaim, replevin action, trusteeships, crossclaim & third party complaint $100.00
** Included certified mail service to 1 defendant  
Each additional defendant or attempt $10.00
Reissuance by certified mail $10.00
Petition for limited driving privileges $100.00
(noncompliance, 12-point suspension & BMV reinstatement fee plan)  
Small claims complaint, counterclaim, counterclaim, crossclaim & third party complaint $60.00
Forcible entry and detainer $100.00
** Includes ordinary mail and personal service for up to 2 defendants  
Each additional defendant $10.00
Writ of restitution $50.00
*** $200.00 deposit is required when filing for a writ, fees and cost will be deducted from deposit, balance will be refunded to the plaintiff/attorney.
Reissuance of certified mail $10.00
Ammended small claims and civil complaint $15.00
Cognotive note $100.00
Transfer case or judgment $100.00
Debtors exam $20.00
** Includes one(1) defendant  
** Each additional defendant (Personal Service Fees not included) $20.00
** If requiring service by certified mail, additional $10.00 per individual  
Certificate of judgment $20.00
Exemplified judgements (triple seal) $20.00
Revivor of judgment $20.00
Civil warrant $25.00
Garnishments $60.00
Bank attachment $30.00
**Plus $1.00 payable to bank  
** Court recieves 2% poundage fee on all garnishments  
Transfer small claims to civil docket $50.00
Certification of copies (per page) $1.00
Copies (per page) $0.25
Motion to vacate judgment $10.00
Default judgment entry $5.00
Satisfaction entry $5.00
Summary judgment entry $5.00
Revivor final judgment entry $5.00
NSF checks or closed accounts $30.00
Rental escrow 1% of rent deposited