Civil Filing Fees

Effective October 1, 2020
Civil Action, Complaint, Counterclaim, Replevin Action, Trusteeships, Crossclaim & Third Party Complaint $105.00
(Includes Certified Mail Service to one (1) Defendant)
Each Additional Defendant or Attempt $10.00
Reissuance by Certified Mail $10.00
Petiton for Limited Driving Privileges $100.00
(Non-compliance, 12-point suspension & BMV reinstatement fee plan)
Small Claims Complaint, Counterclaim, Crossclaim & Third Party Complaint $65.00
Forcible Entry & Detainer $155.00
Includes Personal Service & Ordinary Mail with Certificate if Mailing for up to two (2) Defendants.
Each Additional Defendant $10.00
Writ of Restitution $50.00
*** $100.00 Deposit is Required When Filing for a Writ, Fees and Costs Will be Deducted From Deposit, Balance will be Refunded to the Plaintiff/Attorney
Re-issuance of Certified Mail $10.00
Amended Complaints on Civil or Small Claims $15.00
Cognitive Note $100.00
Transfer Case or Judgment $100.00
Motion to Show Cause $100.00
Debtor's Exam - Includes One (1) Defendant $20.00
($20.00 for Each Additional Defendant)
(Personal Service Not Included)
(If Requiring Service by Certified Mail, Additional $10.00 per Individual)