Bond Schedule

Criminal / Traffic Division
Criminal Violation Court Cost $90.00
Moving Violation Court Cost $90.00
Non-moving Violation Court Cost $55.00

All Minor Misdemeanor Criminal and Traffic citations (with the exception of possession of marijuana, speed, and seatbelt) requires the posting of $115.00, which includes Court Cost.

Possession of marijuana is a Must Appear (MM) offense.

Absolutely no felonies or domestic violence offenses with a motion for temporary protection orders are bondable without approval of the judge.

*** Criminal Trespass citations issued after June 24, 1994 for trespassing at Glass Rock, Lake Jenny, and Crystal Lake will be bondable. The bond is $190.00.

01 to 20 MPH Over $115.00 bond (includes court cost)
21 to 35 MPH Over $165.00 bond (includes court cost)
36 MPH and Over $190.00 bond (includes court cost)
Seatbelt or Child Restraint
Bond for Driver $85.00
Bond for Passenger $75.00
Child Restraint $85.00

*** (If cited for more than one offense, only required to pay one court cost)

All minor misdemeanors are to be paid by the court date listed on the bottom right side of the citation. No partial payments will be accepted prior to court date. Payment arrangements are granted only by appearing in court on scheduled date and time.

Failure to pay your fine in full or follow scheduled payments will result in a license suspension until such fine is paid. All violations require proof of insurance for the Date of Citation. If your ticket is marked "FR NOT SHOWN" you must bring proof to court. Do not bring invoices or applications. You need an insurance card with effective dates for the car listed on the citation. Failure to provide proof of insurance will result in a suspension of your license imposed by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for a minimum of 90 days.

Posting Bond in Criminal / Traffic Division

Bonds can be posted at the Clerk's Office Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Court is closed from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm for lunch. Bonds only may be paid after hours at the Sheriff's Office, fines will not be accepted.

*** Cash bonds will be refunded to the defendant. If a cash or 10% bond is posted, 90% of the monies paid will be refunded to the defendant after fines and cost are deducted.

Misdemeanor of the 1st Degree (M-1) $500.00 + $25.00 surcharge ($525.00)
Misdemeanor of the 2nd Degree (M-2) $400.00 + $25.00 surcharge ($425.00)
Misdemeanor of the 3rd Degree (M-3) $300.00 + $25.00 surcharge ($325.00)
Misdemeanor of the 4th Degree (M-4) $200.00 + $25.00 surcharge ($225.00)

*** The $25 additional bond fee is required by state. This surcharge will be refunded to the defendant, only if the charges against defendant are dismissed.

*** All must appear citations must be marked 'Must Appear" by the arresting officer.

Probation Services Fund
Standard probation fee (one time fee) $150.00
ISP Probation (one time fee) $200.00
Revocation of probation motion $50.00
Probation warrant $50.00
Immobilization order $25.00
Driving Privileges $25.00
Re-issuance of driving privileges $10.00
(new job, change of hours, extended privileges)
Gross Overload: Trucks
Up to 2,000 LBS $170.00 (includes court cost)
2,000 to 5,000 LBS $190.00 plus $1.00 per 100 LBS of overload (includes court cost)
5,000 to 10,000 LBS $220.00 plus $2.00 per 100 LBS of overload (includes court cost) and must appear in court
In excess of 10,000 LBS $250.00 bond plus $3.00 per 100 LBS of overload (includes court cost) and must appear in court
Additional Administration Cost
Affidavit of Indigency (State Mandated) $25.00
Issuance of Warrant $25.00
Certified Mail $5.00
Capital recover service (collections)
(30% applied to upaid balance)
Declaration of forfeiture order $25.00
Expungement fees $75.00
Warrant Registration Block $25.00
Copies (per page) $0.25
Certified Copies (per page) $1.00
Audio CD for Transcripts $20.00
NSF Checks or Closed Accounts $30.00
Subpoena (per person) $1.00
Jurors (for each juror appearing) $9.00

*** Court reporter: Requesting party shall be responsible for payment directly to reporter. Note: Court will contact reporter and make arrangements.

Common Violations
Section Number Degree Violation Description
4301.62 MM Open Container
4301.64 M4 Consume Alcohol in a Vehicle
4301.69 M1 Underage Consumption/Possession
4503.11 M4 Fail to File Annual Registration
4503.12 M4 Fail to Transfer Registration
4503.28 M4 Fail to Register Dealer
4507.30 M1 Fictitious Operator License
4507.31 M1 Permit a Minor to Drive
4510.11 M1 Driving Under Suspension/License Restriction
4510.14 M1 Driving Under Suspension/OVI
4510.16 M1 Driving Under Suspension/FRA
4510.21 M1 Driving Under Suspension/Failure to Reinstate
4510.037 M1 Driving Under Suspension/Points
4510.12 M4 to M1 No Operator License (Expired more than six months or prior offenses within three Years
4511.19 M1 Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
4511.19(B)(H) M4, M3 Operating a Vehicle After Underage Alcohol Consumption
4511.194 M1 Physical Control Under the Influence
4511.20 M4 Reckless Operation
4549.02 M1 Stopping After Accident
4549.08 M4 Fictitious Plates
4549.10 M4 Operate Without Plates
4549.11 M4 Operate with Plates of Former Owner
2903.13 M1 Assault
2903.14 M3 Negligent Assault
2903.21 M1 Aggravated Menacing
2903.22 M4 Menacing
2907.06 M3 Sexual Imposition
2907.08 M3 Voyeurism
2907.09 M4 Public Indecency
2909.06 M2, M1 Criminal Damaging - Endanger
2909.07 M3, M1 Criminal Mischief
2911.21 M4 Criminal Trespass
2913.02 M1 Theft - Petty
2913.03 M1 Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle
2913.04 M4 Unauthorized Use of Property
2913.11 M1 Passing Bad Checks
2917.11 MM Disorderly Conduct
2917.11 M4 Disorderly Conduct Persisting
2919.21 M1 Non Support
2921.13 M1 Falsification
2921.31 M2 Obstructing Official Business
2921.33 M4, M2, M1 Resisting Arrest
2925.11 MM Possession of Marijuana
2925.14 M4 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia