Programs & Facilities

Youth who come before the Judge can be ordered into various programs as part of their disposition. These programs are meant to serve as a positive means through which Court personnel (and others) can interact with youth. Court programs include the following:

Probation (Intensive or Standard): The Court's Probation Department works with youth and their families to make sure they are in compliance with all court orders. Juveniles personally sign documentation outlining probation rules; are subject to drug screenings; and are required to make mandated evening office visits every month accompanied by their legal guardian for a probation review. In addition, probation officers often check in with youth at school and/or at home.

Community Service: This program puts youth to work at various work sites throughout the county and includes such activities as community-wide clean ups, landscaping and painting, helping unload food trucks at pantries and more.

Restitution Recovery: Youth who owe restitution to a victim can work these monies off via community service-type or service-learning activities; youths accrue an hourly wage (set with the current rate of minimum wage) and the accrued wages go specifically to their victim.

Alcohol and Drug Assessment and Treatment: Youth identified as needing alcohol or drug assessment or treatment are referred to Perry Behavioral Health Choices (PBHC); PBHC has partnered with the court to provide these much needed services for local youth. If an initial assessment reveals a youth needs these services, they enter the CHOICES program.
Perry Behavioral Health Services | (740) 342-1991 |

Counseling (Family or Individual): The Court partners with Allwell Behavioral Health Services to provide counseling services; the Court also provides students at ALPHA school counseling services through Allwell.
Allwell Behavior Health | (740) 342-4480 |

Car Teens: Designed for first-time traffic offenders, this program is presented by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and is co-sponsored by the Perry County OSU Extension office. Cost for the program is $25.00.
Car Teens | OSU Ext. Office Phone: (740) 743-1602 |

Remedial Driving Course: This state mandated program is designed for second-time traffic offenders and must be completed for driver license reinstatement. It is taught by a state certified instructor.

Theft Program: The Court works in conjunction with the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention to implement the Youth Educational Shoplifting Program. This is a take-home program which concludes with the youth being tested over materials learned. Cost for the program is $50.00.

Diversion: Diversion is designed to reach first-time offenders who commit a minor offense and is coordinated with the Perry County Prosecutor's Office. If a youth fulfills all the obligations set forth by the prosecutor's office, no charges are filed.

Information and Awareness: Since 2008, the Court has offered free summertime "Movies in the Park". Located in parks throughout the county, this program was designed with the hope of inspiring increased quality family time for folks within our local communities.

Alpha Program: ALPHA is an alternative school designed to service youth who fail to attend school regularly or who are disruptive at their home school. Youth ages 12 to 18 are eligible to attend. Tuition reimbursement comes from the home school. Educational services are provided by the Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center(MVESC). Funding is also provided by the Ohio Department of Youth Services.

Principals' Meeting: Since April 1991, Judge Cooperrider has coordinated and continues to utilize bi-monthly principal meetings. At these meetings, administrators from Perry County schools, as well as staff from Muskingum Valley ESC, meet with Judge Cooperrider to discuss youth placed in the ALPHA program and in other Court programs.

Fatherhood Grant: In 2012, the Court received a Fatherhood Grant purposed to provide events/programming which promote strong and healthy relationships between fathers and their children.

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate): Volunteers with the Court's CASA program receive special training to advocate for the best interests of a child before the Court in abuse, neglect and dependency cases.

In addition, the Court also offers: wrap around services, respite placement and alternatives to detention for youth.

Free Legal Clinic

In 2008, Judge Cooperrider and Perry County Judge Dean Wilson partnered with Southeastern Ohio Legal Services to offer a free legal clinic to income-eligible persons in Perry County. This clinic is held the first Tuesday of each month from 4 to 6 p.m. on the lower level of the Perry County Courthouse.


Perry Multi-County Juvenile Facility: The Perry Multi-County Juvenile Facility opened in 2002 and continues to be a strength of the Court. This facility, located in the Industrial Park in New Lexington, is a residential facility designed to house non-violent juvenile felony offenders from an eight-county region. This facility aims to rehabilitate offenders through various programs and counseling with a specialization in substance abuse counseling. This facility is funded by the Ohio Department of Youth Services. Visit the facility's website at Phone (740) 342-9700